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Welcome to Eyal Kurzbaum's lab!

   Our research group focuses on the study, development and optimization of water treatment processes for different kinds of influents (domestic and industrial) and other issues in environmental microbiology.

  Using laboratory and field pilot scale systems dedicated to wastewater treatment, research has been devoted to improving performances (removal of organics, phosphorus and nitrogen), intensifying systems (compactness) and developing associations of conventional systems with new technologies such as bioaugmentation, Immobilization and encapsulation of microbial biomasses, advanced oxidation processes and constructed wetlands.

Our research interests cover a broad range of issues related to environmental microbiology and biotechnology. Among them:

  1. Biological removal of organic contaminants and micro-pollutants from water

  2. Agricultural wastewater purification (dairy farms, fish ponds, olive mills)

  3. Removal of nitrogen compounds from water (wastewater and drinking water)

  4. Immobilization and encapsulation of microbial biomass (bacteria and fungi)

  5. Photosynthesis in plants and algae

  6. Characterization and application of antimicrobial compounds in microalgae against microrganisem (phytopathogen and clinical isolates)

  7. Removal of disinfection by-products from drinking water

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